ATX Series AX7568900L738NB
ATX Series AX7568900L738NB

ATX Series in Slab Satin Black by American Racing

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Part Number: AX756
Feature: We install these at the shop, but do not sell them online
Feature: Bolt pattern & size may change price.

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American Racing ATX Series AX756 Slab Beadlocks are available in 15, 17, 18, and 20 inch sizes and feature a heavy duty 5 spoke design with over-sized center plate for improved rigidity and a unique look. Their one-piece cast aluminum design offers the ultimate balance of reduced weight and maximum strength and the fully countersunk socket head cap screws in the beadlock ring will protect them from rock rash. All ATX slab wheels feature a satin black painted finish with a machined aluminum beadlock ring.

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