Exodus Jeeps EJ-TRA
Exodus Jeeps EJ-TRA

Aluminum Tie Rod by Exodus Jeeps

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Our very own Jeep JK Tie Rod

Being a Jeep shop we see all kinds of tie rods.  It's one of those parts that consistently gets beat up on the trail.  We have seen everything on the market and they weren't cutting it.  So we do what we do best, we made our own tie rod.

Introducing the Jeep Wrangler JK aluminum Tie Rod.  It's made with 1.5" 7075 aluminum that has great memory so you can bend it and it goes right back in place.  It comes in 2 finishes: Raw aluminum and black hard anodized.  The anodized finish is perfect if you go to the beach or if you live up north where they salt the roads.  The threads are made with a form tap and not cut.  The result is a denser, stronger thread for your tie rod ends.  We use standard GM 1 ton tie rod ends to keep it simple, so when you need to replace the ends you won't have a hard time finding new ones.  They come fully assembled so you just take it out of the box and install on your Jeep.

We also make a Jeep JK Drag Link that can be purchased here and shipped as a set.

Of course these are made in the U.S.A.  We make them right here in New Braunfels Texas.


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