Now Hiring an Experienced Shop Technician 

Part Time or Full Time

Exodus Jeeps is a full custom shop that specializes in modifications of the Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK, and now the JL & Gladiator. Daily work scope can range from leveling kit installation to LS engine building.


Applicants must meet the following:


·      Be 18 years or older on the date of hire.

·      Pass a background check.

·      Posses a valid Texas drivers license and have reliable transportation.

·      Have the ability to work unsupervised and self motivated.

·      Positive attitude a must.

·      3 years mechanic experience

·      Be proficient in the installation of gears and different types of locking differentials.

·      Understand complex suspension systems involving coilover/bypass shocks, as well as work with custom suspension systems built in house.

·      Know or desire to learn, how to work on the Chevy LS engine platform.

·      Welding and fabrication skills not necessary, but desired.

·      Must have your own tools.


Installing lift kits in driveways does not count as experience. Applicants must have worked at a credible establishment installing quality parts. Exodus Jeeps refuses to install sub-standard parts and will not cut corners to meet deadlines or save money on turnkey projects. If you are used to that type of work ethic, do not bother applying. You will also be subject to random drug testing to ensure our customers receive the very best of you.


Gear work is critical. If you are not extremely confident in your ability to install gears we can work with and teach you. However if you have no experience with it do not bother applying. We build a lot of custom axles and most of the time this requires setting up gears and lockers.


Being a custom shop we are often asked to design and build systems not typically seen under the common Jeep. Having the mindset to think and perform outside the box is necessary. It is what sets us apart form other shops and why customers from all over the country trust us with their Jeeps. Most time we do install coilover systems that are box kits but, that still requires knowledge of how to set them up. We see and correct a lot of work that has been installed incorrectly so it is critical that applicants already have an understanding of how these suspensions work. 


We perform a lot of LS engine swaps. It is not required that an applicant have full knowledge of LS engines but having the will to learn is. Rarely do we install a V8 without first modifying something internally. The work is not hard but it is critical and requires focus. 


Pay is $15+ per hour depending on experience

Paid holidays and 1 week paid vacation per year

Workmans comp and liability Insurance is provided

Please send resume to [email protected]

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